Winner of the Dr. Guislain Award 2015
A documentary by Doros on the latest Living Museum exhibit, “The Flower Show”

2 thoughts on “Experience”

  1. The DSM5 Band evolved as a natural counterpart to the art space at the Living Museum. Musicians naturally bonded together through a mutual love of music, performance, songwriting, and popular music formats.

    Working as a music therapist and being an anxiety sufferer, I shared my love of performance, which I discovered improved my control of my own anxiety symptoms. Performance fosters good self-esteem and positive identity. In addition, playing music creates a natural high that is contagious and transforming, much like Maslow’s definition of the “Peak Experience.”

    With the full support of Dr. Marton, we have the freedom to have our own music studio space to create music, improvise, and have fun composing our backdrop theme songs for our Living Museum family.


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